About Us

Living in this place called Hope, I saw the need for a meeting place, something simple, something to get us all back to the relationship building that I grew up on. You see back in the day people had time to create relationships and actually get to know one another. Nowadays everything is so fast, no time for families, friends or communities to really connect. So what better way to do that than over a freshly brewed cup of coffee. 

 So I got started, I Prayed  and Completely put my in Trust God! You see I didn’t start this coffee shop the normal way or the most popular way. I completely relied on God, there was no way I could put the name HeBrews 11:1 on my door and not actually put my Faith to work. I didn’t have any loans or money to actually start this business but I did have a lot of Faith, and to be honest that’s all I needed.

HeBrews 11:1 is more than just coffee, tea, smoothies and great food, our goal is for everyone to walk in our doors and feel a sense of Peace, joy and love, our prayer is that somehow or someway you are receiving more than what you came for. Yes grab a cup of coffee, but take some peace with you, absolutely try our chef salads, but leave inspired. You see we realize there are a lot of Amazing coffee shops everywhere and we admire them all, but here at HeBrews 11:1 our goal is for you to leave our shop with a new peace, joy and inspiration. As we say all the time.”We are more than just coffee”