Welcome to Our Coffee Shop

Faith Coffee
and Tea

Enjoy authentic Love, Faith, Coffee and Tea, right in the heart of Hope.

Open Mon-Friday 8am- 3pm

Amazing Salads, Club Sandwiches, Chicken Salad and Loaded Spuds

Hope is the home of authentic people, great coffee and food in Arkansas. We serve delicious, HeBrews 11:1 Chef Salads. (Eleven ingredients to one salad),  Homemade Chicken Salad (Family recipe), Amazing Club Sandwiches and loaded with love Spuds. Imagine walking into a place with freshly brewed coffee, hot steamed tea and freshly prepared food.

Welcome to Hope!

Freshly made food Daily

Family Oriented and Community Driven

Fresh vegetables, Family Secret Chicken Salad,  house-made seasonings, other mouth-watering dishes  – we’re proud to serve our versions of some of the most popular foods, and classics you love.

"You don't need a silver fork to eat good food."

- Paul Prudhomme
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About Us

HeBrews 11:1! is… Faith, Coffee and Tea here in Hope. Really. At our coffee shop, we serve you the flavours of our childhood all while sharing the faith that sustained us. A combination of experience and fresh  ingredients. Pack your bags, because we’re taking you home.

Welcome to HeBrews 11:1 lunch, coffee, tea and smoothies in Hope, Arkansas.

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100 E 2nd st Hope, Arkansas 71801 1st floor